Problem-solving for a new future

Why mediation?

Are you engaged, or about to be engaged, in legal proceedings? Is your bank demanding strenuous mortgage repayments? Do you or your business face legal claims about debts or other disputes?

Mediation is a way to resolve legal disputes without going to court. A mediated settlement avoids the time and lawyers' fees of court proceedings. More importantly, mediation allows individuals, businesses and other groups the opportunity to look from different angles at what might appear to be entrenched positions and to work together to find solutions.

If all misfortunes were laid in one common heap from which everyone must take an equal portion, most would be contented to take their own and depart.


Engage with a personal opportunity to resolve your dispute

Each side in a dispute already understands its personal position or commercial interests. Neither side needs expensive legal proceedings to see the possible compromises. Together they have the capacity to bring about practical, commercial resolution. A neutral mediator helps all sides to achieve a resolution without going to court.

Mediation is an effective, court-approved way of dealing with disputes, including disputes about mortgages, contracts, debt recovery, repossessions and all other civil disputes.

Allow yourself the capacity to negotiate directly with the other party in your dispute to bring about a balanced resolution

Mediation Ireland will engage in all and any disputes where parties are open to achieving resolution--including parties from all social sectors, businesses and consumers, individuals and public sector institutions, commercial and other civil disputes.

About us

Based in Ireland, we offer a 32-county alternative dispute resolution service. We will inform and facilitate mediation in practice, with the considered appointment of mediators in cases where parties have agreed to negotiate their issues in this manner.

We will work with any and all parties to a dispute to bring forward and clarify issues, and to overcome any procedural or other obstacles to engagement. We believe that facilitation is the key to good problem-solving.

Parties who are open to embrace mediation as an alternative to litigation deserve to be guided with all due care and attention to the detail of their issues and a clear perspective on the requirements for a positive outcome. Once the parties are fully prepared to negotiate with each other, they will meet under the care and guidance of an accredited mediator.